Download VOIP Recorder

All releases of VOIP Recorder are available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once you have finished the download please be sure to check out the documentation for help on running and installing the software. You need to save the download to your desktop and run it from there. You can always send email to for help as well.

Download VR with Trial License

When you connect to the VR console for the first time it will request a username and password to log in. The username is admin and the password, which may be changed after you log in, is default.

The software you download here is the full application and the download is FREE. The free download only comes with a demonstration license key. That means until you purchase a production license for your copy of VOIP Recorder you will hear a regular and frequent series of staccato beeps that are inserted into the audio stream of each call. Only the local party hears them and they do not appear on the recordings.

We admit these beeps are annoying and you probably will not want to use the demonstration license for long with them enabled. The good news is that all the features of VOIP Recorder work just fine with the demonstration license so you can quickly determine if this is software you want to own and reassure yourself that it works for you. If you decide to go ahead with a purchase you will receive a license key that you simply cut and paste into the configuration tab of your already installed VOIP Recorder and the beeps go away forever. It is as simple as that - there are no expiring licenses or any recurring costs.

You get to try it out for free first, and only purchase it if it works well for you.