VOIP Recorder

Install Guide

Step One: Setup Vonage™ with Home Networking

Before installing the VOIP Recorder software we need to make sure your VOIP service is setup in a Home Networking configuration. In that configuration a home router/switch is connected to your Cable or DSL modem and both your computer and the Vonage™ ATA are connected to that switch. The Internet port of the ATA is the one you should connect to the home networking router. This port is sometimes labeled "WAN" and is often blue. Any type of home networking switch can be used - even wireless ones.

Network Layout

This setup increases your your security by providing a firewall for your Vonage™ device. Some home router default settings such as SPI might interfere with Vonage™ at first but those configurations can be changed. If you experience problems Vonage™ provides a guide to troubleshooting firewall issues.

Step Two: Confirm Vonage™ is still Working

Once the network is setup make sure telephone service is still working. There is no point in adding the VOIP Recorder service until we are sure that the basics are up and running. It might help to briefly unplug the Vonage™ ATA and your home router if you are having trouble.

Step Three: Install and Start VOIP Recorder